Other Illustrators

Julia has worked with some of the most famous illustrators to create her books. Emily Gravett, Rebecca Cobb and Karen George but to name a few.

 The Magic Paintbrush cover image

The Magic Paintbrush

NEW paperback edition! Shen, a poor village girl, is given a magic paintbrush.  Anything she paints with it becomes real.  What will she choose to paint?
The Detective Dog cover image

The Detective Dog

When a crime needs solving, there's only one dog for the job!
Rosie’s Hat cover image

Rosie’s Hat

One little girl, one smart hat, a sudden gust of wind – and we're off on a whole hatful of musical adventures!

One Ted Falls Out Of Bed cover image

One Ted Falls Out Of Bed

Count with Ted from one to ten as he goes on an amazing night-time adventure.

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou cover image

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou

A little ghost tries to give Lydia Lou a scare . . . but he can't even wake her up.

Freddie and the Fairy cover image

Freddie and the Fairy

Freddie is desperate for a pet, so when he rescues Bessie-Belle and she offers to grant his wishes he knows just what to ask for.

Cave Baby cover image

Cave Baby

An irresistible prehistoric adventure from two of the biggest names in children's books!


The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy-cat cover image

The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy-cat

A sequel to Edward Lear’s favourite rhyme

Night Monkey Day Monkey cover image

Night Monkey Day Monkey

A classic picture book about two monkeys who are as different as night and day. Boisterous, rhythmic read- along fun.
Follow the Swallow cover image

Follow the Swallow

A delightful tale of friendship and exploration.